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DMM Equal D Steel Carabiner

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The Equal D is a functional carabiner that can be successfully used in a wide variety of rigging systems. Angled rope baskets force loads toward the spine, helping the D load in its strongest orientation. A very strong all round carabiner.

D-Shaped carabiners encourage loading in their strongest orientation by forcing loads toward the carabiner spine. They are suitable for rigging applications where strength and simplicity are important

10mm bar balances steel’s natural strength and durability with low weight for easy transportation.

Steel carabiners are very strong and hard wearing, making them suitable for scenarios with high loads and heavy use. Cold forging means carabiners retain full section bars for consistent rope handling, while heat treatment results in high tensile strength.

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS (Major Axis) MBS (Minor Axis) MBS (Gate Open) Dimensions Weight Gate Opening (X) Conformance
10mm Equal D Locksafe C417 Light Gold 30kN 9kN 10kN 54 x 105mm 190g 15mm EN 362:2004 B/T, EN12275:2013 B
10mm Equal D Screwgate C412 Light Gold 30kN 9kN 10kN 54 x 105mm 172g 15mm EN 362:2004 B/T, EN12275:2013 B

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