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Lyon Flexible Ladder

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Flexible Sided Ladders have rigid rungs and flexible sides made from wire rope. This allows suspension from a fixed point rather than leaned against a structure and also allows the ladder to be rolled for transport or storage – they weigh much less than a rigid sided ladder of similar length and can be used in confined locations where conventional ladders could not be deployed.

Originally developed for cavers, Lyon Flexible Sided Ladders are now widely used in: -Events rigging -Theatre -Confined space silo access -Manhole and sewer access -Marine/pleasure boats -Military -Climbing walls and many other applications.


Please be aware that we hold many ladders in stock, but may not have the variation you require. Turnaround time can be up to 2 weeks. Please call us if your time-frame is small, or you need further information. Other options are available by special order, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  



Length: Available in 5m or 10m lengths for optimal transport, ladders can be connected for longer drops.

Wire Diameter: Available with either 3mm or 4mm wire sides. Galvanised steel wire is the ideal material for this due to it’s corrosion resistance, longevity and affordability compared to stainless steel. 3mm ladders are recommended for occasional use, 4mm for frequent use.

Rung Spacing: The distance between rungs, wider spacing reduces the number of rungs required over the length of the ladder, therefore reducing bulk, weight and cost. Rungs are 150mm wide and made from lightweight aluminium alloy.

End Fitting: The type of termination selected dictates compatibility with other ladders, spreaders and rigging systems. All ladders are terminated at both ends with a reinforced, swaged eyelets large enough to accept most karabiners and connectors. ‘C-Link’ ladders have a traditional caving ‘C-Link’ connector permanently attached to both ends; while ‘Maillon’ end fittings have a permanent, non-removeable maillon attached to the eyelet terminations at one end only.  


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